Boarding & Grooming

Grooming ServicesGrooming

We have two professional full-time groomers providing services to our boarding clients and the general public. Hours are Monday through Friday.

Typical grooms include bathing, brushing, and hair trimming, as requested by the owner or as needed (depending on the pet's condition). Grooms will additionally include expression of anal glands (canine), and a nail trim. Bows and bandannas can be placed by the groomers at the owner's request. A bath is recommended for boarding pets on the day they go home. Please call for rates.

Day Care

Rocky Mountain Small Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is happy to provide day care for your puppy or adult dog Monday through Friday. Let us entertain and socialize your pet while you are at work or running errands.

Boarding Services

We have a trained and dedicated staff that provides excellent care for your pet while you are away. Our boarding facility has temperature-controlled indoor runs for dogs, as well as three large fenced yards for exercise and play. We also provide a separate, quiet and spacious area for boarding cats. Kennel tours are available Monday through Friday Noon to 6 p.m.

Up to two 20 minute play periods can be purchased each day during your pet's stay. We offer cleansing baths for our boarding clients for a nominal fee. We also have a Frequent Boarder program: 10 paid days of boarding and you earn a free night of boarding.

We offer boarding pickup 7 days a week. Sunday pickup is from 5 - 6 p.m. for owners that cannot make it by the Monday checkout at 3 p.m.

We require DHPP (distemper), Bordetella and rabies vaccines to be current on all canine guests. We strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine also.

We require FVRCP (distemper), FelV and rabies vaccines to be current on all our feline guests.

Our kennels are temperature-controlled in the winter and summer for the comfort of your pet while they are at the resort. Swamp coolers keep the temperature consistent during the summer.

We provide generous runs that are gently sloped for easy cleaning. The floor is textured to help the pets, especially older ones, get good footing to make it easier to stand and move. Each dog has a separate run that is designed to prevent contact between guests. Each unit has a raised floor and bed. Bedding or raised cots are available for our guests or may be brought in by owners. The latest cleaning and flushing systems have been installed to maintain the most sanitary accommodations possible for our guests, and our staff is constantly making sure the pets have clean bedding, clean runs and plenty of food and water during their stay.

We prefer pet owners to make reservations for runs, but walk-ins are welcome except on holidays (we are usually booked weeks in advance). But without a reservation, space for your pet is not guaranteed.

Play periods in our exercise yards are available upon request.

We provide Purina CNM EN diet for our canine visitors or any food that the owners provide – at no additional cost. Toys are welcome but must be big enough not to cause a choking hazard or to clog the drainage system (should be softball-size or larger).

Our feline guests will find a cheerful room with a sunny exposure and choice of two or three level accommodations. These accommodations are designed to provide the secure, cozy environment cats seek. Clean, soft bedding is provided daily with every night's stay and every cat is fed premium cat food. Every cat receives fresh litter daily, as well as sanitized food and water bowls. In addition, each deluxe condo includes a plush bed for the added comfort of your cat. We also give each guest a supervised play and exercise period daily. Gentle music completes the surroundings to provide a serene atmosphere for your cat's visit.

Accommodations for exotic pets are available and we invite you to call us ahead of time so we can meet your specific needs.

To make a reservation, please call 303-347-2637. Our fax number is 303-347-2639.