Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic ServicesDigital Radiology

Digital x-rays allow us to take a highly detailed image in order to analyze your pet's bones and internal organs. Diagnosing a wide range of medical conditions is faster and far more accurate than ever before with this new technology.

Advantages of digital x-rays include:

  • Digital x-rays can be saved to a disk and given to you as part of your pet's home medical record.
  • For complex cases, we can email these images to a board certified veterinary radiologist for a second opinion.
  • Your pet's time on the X-ray table is reduced because fewer images need to be taken.
  • No toxic chemicals are necessary to develop the x-rays, making the procedure environmentally friendly.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a very important diagnostic tool because it allows your veterinarian to gain a look at your pet's internal organs, chest and abdomen without surgery or sedation.

In particular, ultrasound is invaluable for making treatment decisions for various types of heart disease, assessing the function and health of internal organs, and identifying lesions, determining their origin and if they have spread to other areas of the body. Ultrasound can also help guide your veterinarian while obtaining a biopsy.

In most cases, the procedure is relatively brief, less than an hour, and your pet is able to go home the very same day. Most importantly, though, an ultrasound will help your veterinarian make an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition and provide effective treatment recommendations.

Our in-house ultrasound services include two Board Certified radiologists who travel to our practice for full diagnostic ultrasounds, including needle aspirates and needle biopsies.


Veterinary endoscopy allows a more complete examination of tissues and structures within your pet's body than is possible through ultrasound or X-ray without the need for surgery. The endoscope is also useful in obtaining samples of potentially infected or cancerous material and serves as the visual aid during a biopsy, allowing the doctor to obtain the best sample for evaluation.

An endoscope is a small camera designed to be inserted into the body and then project pictures onto a computer screen to view and make an evaluation. Small instruments are located on the tip of the endoscope that allows the veterinarian to take tissue samples and perform a range of procedures.

Our Olympus fiberoptic endoscope allows us to perform bronchoscopies, as well as full esophagus and stomach exams. We also perform complete endoscopic exams, biopsies and colonoscopies

In-house lab

Our in-house laboratory offers prompt, high-quality testing. The laboratory technicians at Rocky Mountain Small Animal Hospital provide precise and timely test results that help with the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. We also have excellent working relationships with other local laboratories if additional testing is required.

We have a complete laboratory that allows us to perform complete blood counts, blood chemistries, urine and fecal tests, heartworm tests, cytology, as well as range of advanced and specialized diagnostic tests.