Dr. Proctor kitty pic

Kelly Proctor, DVM

Dr. Kelly Proctor completed her BS in Biology at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. While there she was the manager for the on campus herpetarium of native, non-native, venomous, and non-venomous species of reptiles are amphibians. These animals were used to further classroom studies and educational outreach in the surrounding area. While in undergrad Kelly also took a trip to Anegada Island to assist with camera trap surveys of the critically endangered Cyclura pinguis iguana.

Before attending vet school she took a year to work as a surgical nurse and non-certified veterinary technician at a Blue Pearl specialty hospital. She picked up shifts in the ICU, ER, and internal medicine creating a well rounded knowledge base and completing 7 years of working in the field before attending school. Dr. Proctor attended Ross Veterinary Medical School on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. While in vet school she assisted the Feral Cat Project, a student lead Trap-Neuter-Release, by trapping feral cats, raised and rehomed bottle baby and other young kittens, and assisted the St. Kitt’s Sea Turtle Monitoring Network with sea turtle surveys and nest relocation. She also assisted at the ARCAS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Guatemala during one of her breaks. 

Dr. Proctor attended her clinical year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before moving to Colorado with her spouse. Dr. Proctor spends her free time herding a total of 4 cats, all Siamese mixes, and caring for 3 snakes, two corn snakes and one boa constrictor. She also has a love of growing green things indoors and out, making her house into a jungle. Her husband and her are avid rock climbers since moving to Colorado and usually spend every weekend in the gym or out in the mountains. 

Dr. Proctor is part of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and has plans to specialize in feline-only medicine. She also enjoys seeing exotics, particularly reptiles, and sharing her wealth of knowledge of the particulars of each different species. As a fear-free certified veterinarian she also enjoys behavioral medicine in both cats and dogs.