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Technician Appointments

What is a Tech Appointment?

 A scheduled 15-minute-long appointment that is performed by one of our certified technicians. You will not see a doctor during these appointments.

Tech Appointment Services

  • Nail Trim
  • Anal Glad Expression
  • Vaccines: Lepto, Bordatella & DA2PP

Benefits of Tech Appointments

More availability to fit appointment conveniently into your schedule.

Reduced exam fee.

  • No exam fee for nail trim & anal gland expression
  • $30 exam fee for vaccine tech appointments

Opens our doctors’ schedules for more urgent medical needs.

Scheduling a Tech Appointment

Only current clients who have an up-to-date wellness exam on file can schedule a technician appointment.

To schedule a technician appointment, or any other appointment, please call (303) 347-26